Temporary Job Placement May Be Good For Your Career

If you're in between jobs and aren't sure what moves to make, you're likely feeling stressed and upset. It can be hard to be without a job and it may feel like finding another full-time position is impossible. But, there are jobs out there and there are other options to consider. You may want to think about taking a temporary job placement. This can be a smart move for your career while also helping you to continue to pay your bills. [Read More]

5 Ways Your Medical Practice Can Balance Phones And Clients

Every medical practice owner wants their office to be as responsive to customers as possible. For many practices, though, this can lead to a confusing conundrum about how to handle competing needs when clients are both calling and standing in the office. What can you do to help your staff do their jobs, meet the needs of clients, and not be overwhelmed? Here are a few ways to handle things well. [Read More]

Why A Thumbs-Up Award Is A Good Choice

If you're choosing corporate awards to hand out to the various branches of your company, acrylic awards can often be a good choice. Visually impressive, affordable, and available in a nearly endless selection of styles, these awards can help you to convey appreciation or offer recognition in a variety of ways. While a lot of acrylic corporate awards have conventional shapes, you can also find some that look a little more unique. [Read More]

3 Reasons to Prepare Your Business for an Upcoming Pressure Washer Job

If you have decided to hire a pressure washing crew to come out and perform services at your place of business, then you have probably made the right decision. A pressure washing crew can help get your building's exterior, your walkways, your equipment, and more nice and clean. Just make sure that your business is prepared for the pressure washing crew to come out. After all, preparation is important for these reasons and more. [Read More]