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4 Things To Never Put Into A Dumpster

Have a bunch of trash that you want to get rid of, but it is too much to place in individual trash bags and haul off to the curb on garbage day? You will definitely rent a dumpster instead to take care of things much faster. However, you can't throw anything that you want into a dumpster, since there are limitations on hazardous materials that can result in getting fined for throwing them away. Here are some of the common hazardous items to be aware of. 

Hazardous Chemicals

There are several items that are not allowed to be thrown away because they contain hazardous chemicals that would be dangerous to the earth if placed in a landfill. There are things like medical waste, certain cleaning chemicals, batteries, and things of that nature. Your dumpster rental company should be able to provide a list of hazardous chemicals so that there is no confusion.


There is a reason why electronic devices have recycling programs and should not be thrown in a dumpster. They often have materials within them that are harmful to the environment, even if they are in small amounts. This includes materials like mercury and lead. In addition, recycling electronic devices is a good idea for several reasons. Sometimes they can be refurbished and sold again to people that cannot afford a new electronic device. Other times they can be recycled so that the precious metals in the components are removed.


Have a big appliance like a washing machine, stove, or refrigerator? These items also contain hazardous materials in them, such as leaded glass and mercury switches. They also have a lot of recyclable material in them, which makes appliances valuable to people that scrap metal for cash. If you need to get rid of a large appliance, chances are that you can just leave it out on the curb and someone will pick it up for the metal that is inside. You could also place an ad for a free appliance, and you'll likely find someone that will take it from you. 


Performing a construction project that involves removing asbestos? This highly dangerous material needs to be disposed of properly. This involves sealing the asbestos in a container so that the fibers cannot get into the air and then taking it to a facility that can properly dispose of asbestos. It should never go into a dumpster, since the fibers from the asbestos can affect those that dump out the material in the dumpster at the landfill. 

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