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Are High Pressure Pumps Right For Your Application?

Pressurized water can do many kinds of work using a simple approach. You might be surprised to learn that high pressure pumps may be appropriate for your projects. If you're unsure whether that's the case, compare your needs to these five real-world applications to decide if you might want to deploy high pressure pumps.


Water likes to settle, and that can make drainage a pain. Not every application or location lends itself to a basic drainage solution like cutting a channel and letting gravity do the job.

If you've dug a pit to construct a foundation for a building, the table level of the groundwater may fight against you until you get an engineered solution in place. However, the water needs to be out for you to do a lot of that engineering work. The medium-term solution is often to actively dewater the pit while you engineer the long-term solution.

Dewatering is necessary for a wide range of situations. Many agricultural operations require dewatering. You also may have to dewater locations after floods and accidents.

Clearing Debris from Systems

Pipes, culverts, and other systems can collect debris. High pressure pumps, however, can quickly flush the junk out. Especially if you're having trouble with regular backups in large-scale drainage setups, a pressurized system can keep things running smoothly. You can also install permanent systems at locations with persistent problems or use mobile ones to move around and address problems one by one.

Fire Suppression

The rapid availability of water can make a huge difference in your ability to suppress fires before they get out of control. You can position high pressure pumps for easy access for firefighting efforts. Some systems also allow the integration of pumps to deliver water to higher levels in buildings or to increase output.


Numerous industries need pressurized water. You might need it to clean spaces, products, or parts. There are also industries that require pressurized water for aeration or dissolution. If you need to maintain high flow rates, pressure is also a big deal.

Water Delivery

Getting water to the higher levels of structures or even up hills can be a challenge. The higher you go from the water source, the more gravity and air pressure will work against you. This is the reason that very few single-family homes have third stories with water. If you want water to go further up in an office building or multistory residential complex, high pressure pumps become critical to overcoming natural forces.

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