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Reasons To Rent A Telescoping Hedge Trimmer

Your local garden equipment rental service has all sorts of equipment that you can use for various projects around your yard. Some of this equipment is motorized, offering help with large projects that may take more than a day to complete, and other equipment is small and simple. One thing that belongs to the latter category is a telescoping hedge trimmer—a trimmer mounted to a long handle that you can extend to help reach the top of a tall hedge. You may wish to rent this device once or twice a year. Here are some reasons to rent a telescoping hedge trimmer.

Quicker Work

It's possible to trim a tall hedge without a telescoping trimmer, but this work can be very time-consuming—especially if the hedge is long. You can use a conventional hedge trimmer and a ladder, but you'll quickly find that it's a nuisance to set up the ladder, climb it to do your trimming, and then climb back down so that you can move the ladder and repeat this process. If you're short on time, a telescoping hedge trimmer will make quick work of this task. It will allow you to trim your hedge while you stand on the ground, which eliminates the need for a ladder.

Safer Work

You might also like the idea of renting a telescoping hedge trimmer because it will make the job of trimming your hedge much safer. Climbing a ladder always presents a risk, and this can especially be true when the ladder is on an uneven surface such as your lawn. The last thing you want is to be on the ladder and have it shift under your weight, causing you to fall to the ground below and sustain an injury. Because you'll stay on the ground when you use a telescoping trimmer, you can be confident in your ability to complete the task safely.

Better Finished Product

You can expect that your trimming job will look better when you use a telescoping trimmer instead of a smaller trimmer and a ladder. When you stand on the ground to do the trimming, you're able to get a better overall view of the hedge and trim it accordingly. It's easy to trim a little, step back to look at the hedge, and then continue. When you're on a ladder, you don't have this ability because you won't likely want to climb up and down the ladder more times than you already are. If you're keen on doing the best trimming job possible, you'll want to rent a telescoping trimmer.

For more information, contact a garden equipment rental service near you.