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Advice When Purchasing A Print Folder Gluer For Putting Boxes Together

If you're looking to put boxes together in an efficient manner for packaging purposes, you'll probably want to invest in a print folder gluer. It can put box pieces together in a controlled and safe manner consistently. Just make sure you use these insights when searching for your very own.

Assess Box Materials You'll be Working With 

There are different varieties of print folder gluers that you can find on the market, and one of the main ways they can vary is the box materials they can support. Some machines work best when the cardboard is used and then other models support corrugated paper better.

You just need to identify the box materials that you'll be working with most of the time because then, you can find a compatible print folder gluer that accepts these materials and thus gives you optimal boxes at the end of this gluing process.

Look For Quality Adhesives

In order for a print folder gluer to keep box sections secure for your packaging operations, you need to make sure it administers quality adhesives. They need to be strong enough to keep your specific box materials together for the foreseeable future.

You have several adhesive options to choose from for a print folder gluer, including hot melt and cold glue. You might want to test out both varieties to see what adhesive solution works the best based on the box materials you plan on working with.

Verify the Right Production Capacity is Provided

To make sure you're able to create a certain number of boxes in a given time period for packaging purposes, you need to find a print folder gluer with the right production capacity. This attribute can vary between models so you need to be careful when assessing this performance attribute.

There should be a projected figure for the number of boxes that can be glued together with this machinery in a specific time period. You just need to find this spec and then make sure it will support your box packaging operations perfectly. Then you won't be worried about production capabilities at all.

If you need to put box pieces together in a streamlined manner, you can purchase a print folder gluer and subsequently save yourself a lot of manual labor. As long as you find the right gluer model that works great for your specific box packaging operations, this machinery will be an incredible resource to rely on time and time again.