Making Your Next Business Move Count

A Few Things To Know About Getting Ready For Moving Day

Moving is a time-consuming and often difficult job. It's a coordinated effort between you and the movers to make sure all your things arrive safely at your new home. You may have many questions for the moving company when they give you an estimate for your move, so take time to get answers and understand everything about the moving process. Here are some things to know. 

Have Everything Ready When The Movers Arrive

Packing is a lot of work, so if you're unable to do it yourself, let the moving company know so they can provide packing services too. If you do the packing yourself, use sturdy moving boxes and have them ready to go out the door when the movers arrive.

Using moving boxes is important since these are easy to carry and stack. You may want to buy boxes from your moving company so you can find boxes with cells for packing glasses and wardrobe boxes that let you hang clothes in them. Also, make sure the boxes are labeled so the movers know which boxes have fragile items in them, and so they'll know which room the boxes go in at your new house.

Ask About Help The Moving Crew Provides

There are certain things you may not be able to do yourself, so you'll want to ask the moving company if they'll help or if you need to find someone else to assist you. For instance, you may not feel comfortable taking a wall-mounted TV down, taking apart a couch, dismantling a table, or wrapping an oven. 

The moving crew might do these things routinely, so you'll want to understand what they'll help with and what you need to do yourself to get ready for the move.

Move Small Valuables Yourself

Movers handle valuable paintings and furnishings as long as you let them know your pieces are valuable so they can be handled with care. However, you'll want to move important documents and valuables that you remove from a safe yourself. This may include cash, health records, jewelry, and documents you'll need right away after your move.

You'll also want to move a few sets of clothes and personal items yourself so you'll have them to use while you're waiting on the movers to deliver the rest of your things. If you're making a local move, you'll probably be reunited with your belongings the same day. If you're making a long-distance move, you may be on your own in your new home for a few days before the moving truck catches up to you.

Contact a local moving company to learn more.