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Tips For Seeking Out The Right CDL Truck Driver Position

As a truck driver searching for the right CDL job, you want all the elements to be there in the job itself, its pay, and the environment in which you will be working. When you understand the characteristics it takes to be a great truck driver, you also want to successfully evaluate the job market to find the right one. The following provides you with some recommendations to help you choose the right truck driving position for your career. 

Evaluate the Job Details

There are many types of truck driving jobs that you can search through, each one transporting a variety of materials and items and driving different types of tractor-trailers. Some jobs have you hauling products locally to businesses and residential deliveries and others allow you to transport products from one state to another. Long haul truck driving jobs will require you to travel through multiple states over a period of several days. 

The cargo can vary as well, providing you with different experiences and the need for knowledge to complete the deliveries. For example, some trucks are refrigerated and carry perishables, others will transport live animals. Or you may load and transport crude oil, fuel, or other types of chemicals, requiring you to have a hazmat endorsement. Many trucking jobs will keep you driving only on the highways and other paved roads, but other jobs will have you driving over dirt roads to oil field well sites and to their production locations.

Consider the Pay and Benefits

Another detail to look at when you are searching for truck driving jobs is the pay rate and how it is calculated. Truck driving jobs may pay you by the hour, by the mile, or give you bonuses for each load you deliver. Check out the job's details and pay rate, especially if you are comparing two or more similar jobs with different trucking companies. You may also be able to get better pay rates based on your experience with hauling and what types of license endorsements you are qualified for, such as hazmat, or pulling doubles and triples.

Long haul trucking jobs provide their base pay rate through a millage rate. Look at how many cents per mile you will make as you drive, along with extra benefits the company provides, such as trucker facilities where you can take a shower, do laundry, or buy a meal. Also, look at any pension or savings plans along with health and medical insurance to give your job the added benefits. 

Look for truck driver positions in your area for more information.