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2 Types Of Contaminants A Filtration System Removes From Your Home's Drinking Water

If you and your family members are not happy with the quality of your home's water, you may find yourself buying bottles or jugs of water to drink and cook with. However, you may be thinking recently about a more convenient way to have better-tasting drinking water without having to purchase it from the store. 

Because of this, you may find yourself looking into having a filtration system installed in your home and are wondering what the filters will remove from the water. Below are a couple of types of contaminants that are removed by such a system.

1. Chemicals Missed and Added During the Water's Processing at the Plant

One type of contaminant that can adversely affect your drinking water that can be removed by a filtration system in your home includes the chemicals that often make their way into your supply. While the plant near you that is responsible for processing and sanitizing your water supply can remove some of the more toxic chemicals, traces of pesticides, cleaning products, and pharmaceutical residue can still make their way to your home.

Along with the chemicals missed during processing, the plant will also add chemicals such as chlorine to sanitize the water and kill microbes. Unfortunately, these chemicals can leave your water tasting strange.

If you have a filtration system, the filter helps to remove these chemicals. Not only does this help make your water taste better, but it also makes it healthier by reducing your household's exposure to the chemicals.

2. Minerals That Can Wreak Havoc on Your Skin and the Plumbing

Another group of contaminants that a filtration system removes from your home's water supply are minerals such as lime and calcium. While these naturally occurring minerals are not necessarily harmful, their presence can wreak havoc on sensitive skin and the plumbing.

If you or someone in your home has sensitive skin, the minerals themselves could cause irritation. Also, since the water is hard, residual minerals are often left on the skin after rinsing, leaving it red and itchy.

As far as your plumbing, the deposits left behind on the interior of the pipes will eventually clog up your plumbing. A filtration system can help remove these minerals to help save your skin and your plumbing from problems.

When you have a system installed in your home that removes the minerals and chemicals from the water, you will find that not only does the water taste better but is also easier on your skin and plumbing. Contact a business near you that offers products like drinking water filtration systems to find out more about these systems as well as get assistance with choosing one that will fit your house.