Making Your Next Business Move Count

Having A Sign Made For Your Business

The signs that advertise your business can be a critical part of your marketing efforts, and they can also be among the most basic tools at your business's disposal. However, new businesses may not make the best use of the signage that they buy.

Use Contrasting Colors For The Background And Lettering

A business sign will be of limited use if individuals that see it have a difficult time distinguishing the lettering from the background. In addition to making the sign more difficult to read, this could also lead to individuals being far less likely to notice these signs when they pass them. You can mitigate this through the use of contrasting colors between the lettering and the background. Luckily, there are business signage providers that will be able to work with you to help you determine the colors that will provide sufficient contrast while still looking attractive to those that are passing by the sign.

Be Mindful Of The Distance That The Sign Will Be Seen

The distance that the sign can be expected to be seen from is another key factor that will have to be considered when you are having signs made for your business. This will determine the size of the font that is used for the lettering as well as the size of the images that are put on the sign. Furthermore, you may want to choose to make the sign lettering slightly larger than what you would normally expect to need so that it will be easy to read when the visible conditions outside are poor.

Install A Lighting System For The Sign

Another key step in adding signs to your business's exterior will be making sure that there is sufficient light for the signage to be seen at dusk, dawn, and during the overnight hours. Depending on the design of your building, this may require the addition of display lights that will be able to illuminate the entire surface of the sign. When choosing a type of lighting for your new business sign, you may want to opt for an LED system. These systems will use less energy than traditional lights, and they will be able to last far longer so that you can minimize the need to change these bulbs. Some business leaders may try to avoid making this change if there is a streetlight or other source of light near the building. Yet, these light sources may not provide enough light for the signs to be easily seen from a distance.

For more information about how to use your business signage well, contact a local sign company.