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Why A Thumbs-Up Award Is A Good Choice

If you're choosing corporate awards to hand out to the various branches of your company, acrylic awards can often be a good choice. Visually impressive, affordable, and available in a nearly endless selection of styles, these awards can help you to convey appreciation or offer recognition in a variety of ways. While a lot of acrylic corporate awards have conventional shapes, you can also find some that look a little more unique. A thumbs-up award, shaped like a hand making this instantly recognizable gesture, can be a good choice to give out for the following reasons.

It Ties In Well With Social Media

If the different branches of your organization are active on social media and you want to award their success, a thumbs-up acrylic award can be a perfect choice. On social media, the thumbs-up icon is a popular one that generally means that someone approves of something. By ordering this type of award and then customizing it appropriately, you're showing that your company approves of the branch's efforts. For example, perhaps you're awarding the branch that has gained the most social media followers over the last year or that ran the most creative social media campaign. In either scenario, this shape of the award can be a perfect fit.

It Stands Out From Its Peers

Often, a branch of a company that has received a number of awards will place them on display in the reception area. Over time, the branch may accumulate many awards of different sizes and shapes, and many of them will have a standard shape — often oval or rectangular. There's little doubt that a thumbs-up award will successfully stand out from its peers, and this can be good for the branch. For example, a visitor might ask about the award, which can allow the secretary to talk about the branch's social media efforts.

It Adds Some Fun

Don't discount the fact that a thumbs-up award can add fun to an award ceremony. Not only does it shape stand out from other awards, but a thumbs-up award can also produce more smiles at your banquet or awards ceremony. People will often gravitate to such an award because of its fun shape, and receiving it may mean more than receiving other awards. Speak to a company that produces acrylic corporate awards to learn about what shapes are available. If a thumbs-up shape is applicable for your business, it's an option to explore.

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