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Planning Your First Tattoo? 4 Designs To Help You Choose The Right Ink

If you're ready for your first tattoo, take the time to choose the right style. You don't want to get inked until you've chosen the style that suits your personality and tastes. If you thought all tattoos were the same, you were mistaken. There are a wide variety of styles to choose from, and each style tells a different story. Here are four styles to get you started on your quest for the perfect tattoo.

1. American Traditional

Long before modern tattoos were being designed, American traditional tattoos came into existence. American traditional tattoos – or old school tattoos – incorporate bold outlines, minimalist design features such as roses, daggers, and skulls, with a basic color palette. Roses are included in American traditional tattoos as part of the storytelling. For instance, thorns depict the sacrifice often required for love. Color is also used as part of the story in American traditional tattoos. You can use any variety of the symbols to create your own personal story of love, betrayal, or other human emotions.

2. Neo-Traditional 

If you're looking to for a more modern approach to a traditional tattoo, take a look at neo-traditional tattoos. Neo-traditional tattoos are a newer form of body art that's gained in popularity since it first came on the scene. One thing that sets neo-traditional tattoos apart from their traditional counterparts is the inclusion of a bolder color palette. This type of tattoo allows you to tell your story in a bolder, more modern way.

3. Biomech

If you want to take a more robot or mechanical approach to your first tattoo, talk to your artist about biomech – or biomechanical ink. Biomech blends tattoo artistry with cyborgs, aliens, and robotic designs to provide an other-worldly creation. Biomech body art is created entirely out of free-handed designs, which means there are no templates or pre-design work. You can work with your artist to create the perfect biomech design, or you can allow the image to flow entirely from the minds-eye of the creator.

4. Surrealism

If you're more into a surrealistic approach to art – think Andy Warhol or Salvador Dali – choose a tattoo artist who specializes in surrealism. One of the great things about surrealistic body art is that both basic and vivid color palettes can be used in the designs. For a truly unique tattoo design, have your artist incorporate a watercolor technique into the surrealism.