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Experienced Driver Tips For New Truck Drivers

Driving a commercial truck for a living is an honorable profession and a career that is in high demand today. Truck driver jobs are available all over the country and driving is a great way to move out of poverty into the middle class for many people. 

If you just landed your first truck driving job, then these tips from experienced drivers will help make your new career a success.

Tip: Don't Neglect a Thorough Pre-Trip Inspection

As the days pass and you get more comfortable with your new truck, make sure you don't become complacent when performing your pre-trip inspections. These inspections are designed to keep both yourself and other drivers on the road safe. It only takes one skipped or half-done inspection to have a preventable major accident on the road. 

Tip: Take Along Your Own Healthy Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

Just as you would never purchase all of your family's monthly groceries at the corner gas station, you should avoid getting into the habit of buying your food on the road at truck stops and fast food restaurants. The food at truck stops is expensive and fast food is loaded with salt and other things that just aren't healthy for you.

Tip: Always Be Polite and Go the Extra Mile

As with most jobs, if you are the truck driver who is always polite to the dispatchers and other office staff, as well as the person who is known to always go the extra mile when asked, then your truck driving job will be a lot more satisfying. Even though you may be tired and don't want to make that extra run on your day off, doing so will ingratiate you within the company, and your name will be the one people mention when it comes time for higher paying loads or promotions.

Tip: Know How to Handle Encounters With Animals in the Road

While no one wants to think about hitting a deer or other animal while driving down the highway, wildlife encounters do frequently happen out on the open road. Knowing how to handle these encounters is the difference between needing a truck wash or a major truck repair. 

Since your truck needs a fair distance to stop when you are at highway speed, you should never slam on the brakes or try to swerve to avoid hitting an animal in the road. While this sounds horrible, wrecking your rig or injuring another driver on the road is a whole lot worse in comparison. For more information, contact a company like Sutton Trucking.