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Signs Your Home Has A Hard Water Problem

If you have noticed that you have difficulty rinsing the soap off of your dishes or cleaners off of your fixtures, you may start to wonder if your water has excessive minerals that are making it hard. If so, look for the other signs discussed below that may mean that your home has a problem with hard water.

White Spots and Streaks on Your Drinking Glasses

One easily recognizable sign that your house has hard water is the presence of white spots and streaks on your drinking glasses. Even if you immediately use hot water to rinse off the glasses, these spots show up that could be caused by either residual dish detergent or minerals left behind by the hard water.

To test whether mineral deposits cause the white residue, fill a clean glass halfway with water from your tap, and leave it out for a couple of days. If you have hard water, you will find a thick white ring around the top of the water as it evaporates.

Clothes Do Not Come out of the Washer Clean

Another sign that you have hard water is that your clothes never seem to come out clean even after you wash them a couple of times. Because hard water makes it difficult to rinse off the detergent completely, it usually leaves behind residual soap in the fibers.

As a result, your clothes will feel grungy and will probably seem dull. Also, if you have any darker minerals or rust in your water, you may notice brownish stains developing on your clothes that were not there when you put them in the washing machine.

Showerhead Constantly Clogs Up

If you notice that your showerhead seems to have a reduced flow and that the holes are clogging up, this is another sign that you have hard water. As the hot, steamy water flows through the holes in the showerhead, it leaves behind calcium and lime deposits.

Even if you soak the showerhead in an enzymatic cleaner or vinegar, you may find that you have to repeat this process every month or two. Until you deal with your hard water problem, the issue with your showerhead constantly clogging up will only continue.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, your home probably has hard water. If you suspect that this is the case, contact a business to discuss your options for having a water conditioning system installed in your home that will help remove the minerals and soften your water.