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Keeping Your Whiskey Drinks Cool With The Science Of Whisky Rocks

What are whiskey rocks or whiskey stones as some drinkers call them? It's definitely not a fable you're about to hear. Whiskey rocks are a sort of metal ice-cube-type tray substitute for regular ice cubes, which you place in your freezer to form solid ice cubes. Whiskey drinkers swear whiskey rocks make your glass of whiskey stay cool all the time without diluting its taste. Whiskey rocks won't make your drink as cold as ice cubes, but the non-diluting factor is the catch. Keep your whiskey drinks cool with the science of whiskey rocks.

Different Types Of Whisky Rocks

Whiskey rocks are made of stainless steel, plastic or rock. You place them in the freezer like you do regular ice trays. The amount of time whiskey rocks take to be ready for use depends largely on what type of whiskey rocks you are using. When the innovative whiskey rock technology first came into being, soapstone whiskey rocks were king of the day. Now with advanced technology, a whiskey rock that's made of pure stainless steel, and not just a plated version, rules the day.

What's Special About Stainless Steel Whisky Rock?

Stainless steel whiskey rocks are rust proof, durable, antibacterial and corrosion resistant. These rocks do not absorb tastes or smells that surround them at all. You can use this environmentally-friendly product for alcoholic or regular beverage purposes. In environments such as a cooler, your pure stainless steel rocks will remain cold and last for several hours.

You can store them for usage like ice packs in a cooler to keep your food or drink cool in the sun. They are season-friendly. So you can use them anywhere in places like a beach, on the dock while fishing and of course in your backyard entertainment area. A really neat manufacturer's offer assures you that your stainless steel whiskey rock product is backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.

Fascinating And True Story About The Inventor Of Whisky Rocks

The inventor of whiskey rocks or stones found an old set of stones stored away in a leather pouch while cleaning out his deceased Swedish grandfather's summer home. He kept the pouch because the stones were pretty. It turned out that Swedish people in the past usually strung such stones outside their kitchen doors in Swedish homes in the early 1900s. The purpose of this activity was to cool piping-hot liquids like soup that was coming off their stovetops. 

Analytic Mind Of The Inventor

The inventor of whiskey rocks appears to be a keenly analytic man. He learned that Scottish manufacturers of whiskey were bullish in declaring that one should never dilute whiskey with ice. He remembered his grandfather's cooling stones. Thereafter, he studied more about the stones and brilliantly made the connection of how to invent whiskey rocks to keep your whiskey drink cool.

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