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Three Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

When you are looking to add a new employee to your business, you might discover that staffing agencies can be among the most efficient options for meeting this need. However, business leaders frequently find that they are uninformed about the benefits of using staffing agencies to meet their hiring needs. This can lead to failing to take advantage of several key benefits that these services can provide.

1. Shorten Vacancy Periods

The time needed to fill a position is a critical factor for management. Being short-staffed can severely compromise the ability of the business to meet its growth and overall performance targets. When you use a staffing agency, you will be able to ensure that your position is filled with a talented worker as soon as possible. This can be particularly valuable when a business finds itself suddenly and unexpectedly short-staffed during the busiest times of the year. While there will be costs for using a staffing agency, these costs can be much less than the losses suffered by failing to operate at full capacity.

2. Minimize Skill Testing and Verification

For companies that are looking to hire employees with specific skill sets, it can be common for the hiring process to involve extensive skill testing and verification. This can be a major cost to the business in terms of labor and administrative costs. Luckily, staffing agencies will perform rigorous testing to ensure that they are only sending workers that have the right training and experience to their clients. In addition to the initial test that applicants must complete, these services will also frequently require their job candidates to routinely undergo retesting to ensure their skills have not deteriorated since their initial test. Additionally, it is common for these agencies to allow you to review the test results of the workers that will be sent to you so that you can verify that they will meet your needs.

3. Enjoy Flexible Staffing Terms

There are many businesses that will find that they have a periodic need to enlarge their workforce, but they may dislike the hiring and layoff costs that can come from hiring their own employees. It is possible to use a staffing agency to provide temporary workers. This can allow your business to rapidly expand or shrink its workforce based on the current workload of the enterprise. If it is determined that a worker is valuable enough to warrant being hired on a full-time basis, the staffing agency will allow you to make an offer to the worker, which they will be free to accept or decline.

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