Making Your Next Business Move Count

Three Digital Tools To Help Make Your Veterinary Office Go Viral In Your Local Community

Every small business needs a thorough marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. Luckily, veterinary offices are one of the easiest businesses to market online. Virtually everyone loves pictures and videos of cute animals. Strategically sharing your clients' animals online combined with a few other strategies will help make your office go viral in your local community without requiring a huge marketing budget.

Make Sure Your Business Is Listed on Every Major Network

The first thing you should do is make sure your office is listed on all social media networks and map services. The major ones to focus on are Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Many potential customers search for businesses on social networks. If yours isn't listed, you might as well not exist in the minds of many customers.

In addition to being searchable by a much larger customer base, listing your business offers a some other benefits. Users are able to publicly review businesses on most major platforms. Your review rating can make or break your business, so encourage your current clients to post positive reviews by offering incentives such as discounts. Being listed on social media networks also allows users to tag your business in their posts which is essentially free advertising for you.

Maintain Social Media Accounts with Personality

Don't just set up your social media accounts and leave them to gather dust. Post daily updates to encourage customer interaction and reach a much larger audience. Take lots of photos and videos of your clients' pets and post them with personable captions. You'll gain tons of followers who simply enjoy looking at cute animals. However, a lot of those followers will have pets of their own, and your office will be at the forefront of their minds when they need a veterinarian in the future.

Embrace the Age of Text Messaging

Phone calls and physical mail are considered ancient technology by many people in younger generations. That's why you need an SMS texting service to stay in touch with your clientele. You can use it to remind customers of appointments, advertise special deals, and generally reach out to previous customers so they know that you really care about their pets. It can help immensely with customer retention, and it's also the most efficient way to communicate with your client base.

Maintaining a digital presence on your customers' web browsers and phone messengers will make your veterinary office stand out in your local community. You'll reach a much larger client base and retain customers with minimal effort and marketing costs.