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Four Basic Questions About Using Jewelry Buying Services

If you have spare or damaged jewelry, you may be wondering about your options for getting rid of it. Luckily, this is not a difficult task to do as there are many different jewelry buying services that you can use. When you are in the early stages of considering this option, you may find it useful to review a few common questions and answers.

Does Jewelry Have To Be In Good Condition To Be Sold?

It is often assumed that jewelry buyers are only interested in pieces that are in excellent condition. While this is true of many buyers, there are others that are willing to buy damaged or scrap jewelry. By using these services, you may be able to extract value from your jewelry pieces that are too damaged to be used.

Will All Jewelry Buyers Offer The Same Price?

It should be noted that every jewelry buyer will use different criteria when evaluating whether or not to buy particular pieces. These different criteria can result in the same item of jewelry fetching very different prices from separate jewelry buyers. To maximize your earnings from these services, you should consider getting quotes from a few different providers so that you can compare them.

What Happens To The Jewelry You Sell?

Depending on the condition of the jewelry, there are a couple of different things that may happen to it. When the jewelry is in good condition, it will likely be cleaned and restored so that it can be placed for resale. In instances where the jewelry is heavily damaged, it may be melted down so that the precious metals can be extracted from it. Due to this additional step, the price that you receive for damaged jewelry will usually be much lower.

What Information Will You Need To Provide To Sell Your Jewelry?

There can be various pieces of information that these jewelry buying services require. Often, these requirements are a result of local laws and regulations. It is fairly typical for these services to request a photo identification. Also, they may request basic contact information for you.

A jewelry buying service can be an excellent option for individuals that have pieces of jewelry that they are wanting to sell but that want to avoid dealing with individual buyers. By understanding the basics of using these services, you will find yourself in a far better position for making informed decisions about what to do with your excess or damaged pieces of jewelry. Contact a shop, like Rich's Pawn Shop, for more help.