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How A Bicycle Repair Shop Can Teach You To Repair Your Own Bike

Repairing a bicycle is one of those things that most people hand off to bicycle repair experts. However, if your bike is both transportation and your work service vehicle as a courier, you need your bike to be in tip-top shape all of the time. If you are taking your bike into a bicycle repair shop every other week, that is money lost and too much time off of work. Instead, ask the bicycle repair shop to teach you how to fix your bike and keep it in good shape. Here is how it is done.

Look for Bike Shops That Offer a Weekend Course in Tune-ups or Repair

There are a lot of bike shops that offer a weekend class for small groups of people who want to repair or tune up their own bikes. If the shops in your area do not advertise such classes, call and ask them if they offer something similar. For a few bucks, they will teach you how to make simple repairs, and/or tune up your bike. They will also show you some of the tools you will need, which are often available for sale in the shop.

Buy the Bike Tools (You Will Need Them Anyway)

If you find a class or a bike shop that is willing to show you how to fix things, buy the set of bike tools that they recommend. You will need the tools anyway, if you expect to maintain and fix your bike on your own. It is a worthwhile investment, both in the class or lesson, and in the tools, since both will keep your bike out of the shop until something more serious happens (e.g., a car bends your bike frame almost in half).

Ask the Bike Repair Expert All the Questions You Can 

While the bike expert is showing you the ropes of bike maintenance and repair, ask all of the pertinent questions you can. You paid a small fee to learn during this time, so it is important to use the time wisely. If you bought the bike tools from the shop, be sure to ask what each tool does, and how to use each tool properly. Find a way to carry the tools on your person at all times. If you are a bike courier, you might be able to stash them in your backpack or clip the tools to your courier basket.

Contact a shop, like Bicycle Center, for more help.