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What To Put Inside A Storage Unit

Looking to remove some clutter from your home? If so, you may be looking into renting a storage unit to keep some of those things around your home that just take up space. However, some things are better to put into self storage than others. Here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to putting items into storage.

Items You're Saving For Another Day

Do you have a bunch of old clothes that no longer fit, but you're hoping that one day you may lose weight and be able to fit into them again? Are you holding onto baby clothes and toys since you are not sure if you want another kid yet? These are the kind of things that take up a lot of space, but you really have no use for. Moving them into self storage can help free up the space for things you actually use in your home. Storing the items may certainly be cheaper than getting rid of everything and buying it again.

Family Heirlooms

Do you own items that have been passed down from another family member, but you have no use for them and can't imagine getting rid of them? If so, you can put these items into self storage. You'll be able to revisit these items again if you desire, but you won't have the obligation to keep them out and displayed in your home. If you need to retrieve them from storage because a relative is visiting, it will be easy enough to do.

Seasonal Items

Chances are that you have a ton of seasonal items at your home that are not being used 11 months out of the year. Decorations for both Christmas and Halloween can be quite bulky, with you most likely having several bins that contain everything. These holidays also tend to have large inflatables that you set up on your front lawn, which need to be stored somewhere when they are not in use. These items are perfect for a storage unit. Make sure that you label bins clearly to help you identify what needs to come out for each occasion.

These are just a few items that will work great with being stored in a storage unit. The unit can be used be used to store practically anything you do not need on a daily basis and are tired of looking at in your home.