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How To Choose An Office Chair When Standard Chairs Are Too Small And Uncomfortable

If you're overweight, then choosing a comfortable chair for your office can be challenging. Most office chairs are too small for large people and that can give you body pain after sitting for a long time. You may feel so cramped and uncomfortable that you can't focus on your work. Fortunately, some office chair manufacturers have heavy-duty chairs on the market made for big or tall people. Here are some things to look for when you shop for a comfortable new office chair.

Look At The Weight Limit

The label on the chair will list its specs. One important number you'll want to note is the weight limit. Even if a chair is wide enough to accommodate you, you want to be sure it is built sturdy enough to support your weight. This ensures the chair will last a long time so you get good value for your money. A chair that is made to support your weight will stand up to daily use and not break apart when you sit down. This could be an embarrassing situation and you could even be injured if a chair falls apart. Your weight should fall well under the limit to allow for fluctuations in your weight and to make sure the chair functions properly for you.

Check The Seat Width

The seat width is another important number to know. People hold extra weight in different ways. You might store excess fat around your hips, and if you do, you'll want a chair wide enough to allow you to sit for long periods in comfort. If you have a chair at home that is comfortable for you, then measure its width and use that as a guide when you shop for a new chair. Measure the width of the seat on the inside rather than the outside so the width of the arms isn't included.

Choose An Adjustable Chair

When you're overweight, sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable, especially if you have problems with back pain. Buying an adjustable chair can help because you'll be able to change your sitting position slightly throughout the day. A back that can alternate between upright and slightly reclining can help relieve some pressure on your back. A chair with lumbar support is important and if you can adjust the amount of support the chair offers, then that is even better. You may also want adjustable arms so you can work comfortably without having to stretch your arms due to the extra width of the chair.

Think About Material And Padding

Office chairs can get hot when you have to stay in them all day. Think about the material the chair is made from. You may want one made of strong mesh that allows for plenty of air circulation around your back and legs. This may increase your comfort by keeping you cool and reducing the amount of sweating caused by the chair. Fabrics made of breathable material could also be a good choice. You should also think about the comfort of the upholstery. Padded memory foam might be a good combination of proper support and padded comfort to keep you from getting tired and sore from prolonged sitting.

Be sure to try out the office chair before you buy it. Just because you're overweight, it doesn't necessarily mean you need an oversize chair made for big and tall people. If you're of average height or less, you might feel like a little kid sitting in the chair. Instead, look for one with the measurements you need and then try it out for comfort, and keep shopping until you find an office chair you love since you'll be spending a lot of time in it. For more information, contact companies like D&R Office Works, Inc.